Kaspersky is not compatible with the latest version of Windows 10

: 23 October, 2018

Kaspersky Internet security is one popular name in the market that has been providing the necessary updates for the protection against the most common malware, viruses, and unauthentic errors. Most of its users have their trust in this product as they have been getting the needed and desirable results and services from the software.

Till now there have been no issues with the performance of the software but things seem to be changing now. There has been a buzz in the market that the software is not compatible with the latest version of Windows 10. The users are facing quite some troubles as they cannot access this software as soon as they update their Windows version.

The problems that the users are facing range through the simple error messages to the extreme of Office Suite shutting down and not working at all. The incompatibility of Kaspersky with the latest Windows version 10 has eventually resulted in higher risks to the system with malware and viruses. Here are some of the common problems that are coming up along with their solution:

1. The license is not found: The most common problem that is quite common after the update is the absence of a relevant license. This problem results in the shutdown of Office Suite along with its various functionalities. In order to fix this problem, you can follow this required action before making an update with the Windows.
• Update the Kaspersky's antivirus databases
• After doing so then update the Windows 10
Post updating the Windows, restart your system to make sure that all the updates have been successfully placed in the right position.

2. Product removed from the computer: This is another problem that the users are facing after the update. Despite the product available in the system, they are getting this message and it is because of the incompatibility of the software with the Windows 10 update.
If you too are facing with this problem, here is the simple solution that you can try:
• Open the Kaspersky Lab products and download the removal tool from there
• Using the removal tool, make sure to remove all the remaining files of Kaspersky from your system
• There can be chances that you have more than one version of the Kaspersky software which may be conflicting with one another. Therefore, you must make sure that all the remaining files of all the available versions should be removed. This might also take time but you should patiently wait for this to happen
• After all, this is done, now download the latest version of the Kaspersky software and then restart your system
• Post the restart of the system, Kaspersky will work as per the expectations

If you too are getting any of these two problems with your Kaspersky Internet security software, then follow the mentioned solutions for overcoming these issues.

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