How to Install and Activate Avast Cleanup Premium?

: 08 October, 2018

How to Install and Activate Avast Cleanup Premium?

Avast is an antivirus that is working towards the security of the systems from a long time period it keeps away all the malware, spyware trojans malware and other such unwanted elements away from the systems. This brand name is the most trusted name known in the security providing software as this antivirus is present in the market from a time period of more than 3 decades.

If there is any technical glitch that is to be fixed related to Avast antivirus then forgetting that resolved it is advisable that the user gets connected to the trained, experienced and certified technician at Avast support number uk. However here in this blog, we will discuss how a user can get this software installed and then activated just by following a few easy steps as the procedure.

Before activating the software it is advisable that the user gets the antivirus installed on the system with total accuracy therefore in order to get Avast installed on the system one should follow the below given steps -

• Log in windows with admin permissions
• After that Download "Avast clean up set up file" from the Avast official website
• Then Right click the downloaded setup file and select" run as administrator " from the menu that appears.
• As the user account control dialog box for permissions click "yes "
• From the drop-down menu click on your preferred language click "ok"
• Then click browse for the change of location of Avast clean up premium files
• Review the user license agreement and then click" install "
• Wait for the procedure to complete
• And then click "Finish "

After the installation, it’s time for the user to get the software activated for that he or she should follow the below-given steps -

• Open the email you received for order confirmation of Avast purchase
• In that E-mail scroll down and search the activation code and then copy that as you locate that
• Then double-click the "avast icon " and open the antivirus
• Then go to menu click "My licenses"
• On the screen click "enter a valid activation code"
• Paste the code in the field provided
• Press enter

The above procedure will make the antivirus ready for use if still there is any further help or support you need to deal with the software then reach the expert at Avast help number uk.