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: 13 October, 2018

We cannot deny the fact that the internet plays a huge role in our life or we can also say that much of our lives now take place on the internet. But, in the modern era, no such thing completely benefits the people, that means- everything has some pros and cons. And the biggest con of the internet is external threats. Every day, thousands of malicious links are developed by hackers to steal the users’ information. So, in order to protect devices from these types of malware, antivirus comes into the picture. Yes! Antivirus is the only antibiotic that efficiently kills all the online threats and keeps your device virus free. As there are lots of antiviruses are available in the market, but one such that consistently used by the users is AVG.

Once you download the AVG antivirus you don’t want to worry about the virus when you are online. Because this potential antivirus comes with many updated latest technology based features and some of them are listed below.

Key Features of AVG Antivirus:

• Data Protection: AVG products are all come with the feature which is known as “Data loss protection”. That round the clock protect your confidential data in an online as well as online mode. AVG contains all necessary tools regarding data protection like (email protection tool, file protection tool, cloud protection tool and so on).

• Real-time scanning: This is one of the most powerful tools of AVG antivirus. That offers an online scanning technique which protects your computer, laptop and smartphones against all potential viruses. Though AVG antivirus automatically scans your computer, you also scan your computer whenever you want.

• Safe money: With the growing prevalence of online banking now all upgraded AVG antivirus comes with the safe money option. That always keeps your money safe from the online hackers. This tool potentially protects all your financial transaction and offer you safe money transfer facility.

• Application activity: This tool allows users to track every process on your computer like how many transactions you have done, what share of system resources is taken, how many phishing links is detected by the antivirus and so on.

• Download protection: AVG antivirus is made for all commercial and personal use. This brand comes with download protection option that protects your device from the phishing links and warns you before downloading.

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