How to configure VPN on AVG firewall?

: 24 January, 2019

AVG antivirus is designed with a motive of providing the users with an effective layer of protection against all types of dangerous malware, spyware, Trojans and viral attacks. In today’s time where technology is reaching new heights, everyday such security providing software have become a necessary requirement for systems and devices these days, as it becomes difficult without a security software to keep the systems safe. Security software working on the system helps the users of the system to keep the systems away from all types of unwanted online activities that can lead to the leakage of sensitive information which can further cause huge losses to the users on the commercial front as well as the personal front.

Nowadays IT market has a lot of software to offer to the users for such security purposes, all of them are advanced and updated in terms of features and technologies at their own level. AVG antivirus is however known as one of the most advanced software available in the market and hence is one of the most efficient software, but at the same time it is seen that the users do get stuck in the same advanced techniques in such a case it is advisable that the users ask help from the AVG technical team.

AVG technical team is known for providing the users with instant support, the technicians are available all the time, and the technical team is an assurance of fast and accurate solutions for all the issues and errors related to AVG. The technical team by the help of its training and skills makes it easy for the common users to deal with the complicated issues and problems that the users get to face while using such software on a daily basis.

Here we will discuss the configuration of VPN on AVG firewall given below are the steps through which the user can get it done easily-

• First of all open AVG after that go to the menu there from the menu options click on “tools”
• Then from the next menu that appears click on “firewall settings”
• Then from the next menu click “profiles” then go to “your profile” then click “system services”
• Then set the firewall application rules
• Save those application rule settings
• Check that if the VPN connection to the server is possible
• If in case VPN is blocked then go to the Block rules then click on GRE protocol and PPTP VPN and click the option “Allow for all”
• Get the settings saved and then check if now VPN connection to the server is possible.

The VPN configuration on AVG firewall will do easily if the user follows the above-given procedure as it is given above. This blog is written with a view of providing easy guidance to the users for the VPN configuration process, still, if you get stuck in between or if there is any other problem that needs a fix then, in that case, connect with the technical team at AVG Contact Number UK. The technicians sitting at the help desk are seen available 24x7 and are also capable of providing instant solutions for all the problems related to the software.